Our company was founded in the year 2000. Named as Stepan Kft, with a 50% Austrian share hold. Later on the  50% went over to the Hungarian owners and the company was renamed to MF-Team Kft.
As it is well knewn, all the major companies are working with distributions all around the world. The reason why is, that the distributions have a better overview, and a better knowledge about their own territory as the company itself. That makes the work much smoother.
Our product categories are pretty far away from each other, but with all of them we have  a history about over 25 years.
Our main territories:
-      printing industry ( screen printing, flexo and offset printing, finishing systems)
-      electronic technology, mainly for the car industry and the  PCB industry
-      fire rescue vehicles and industrial access solutions
-      disaster relief and workboats
-      additional equipments and service
We get all the possible support from our partners, and that is what we provide the same to our customers.