By Lars Eriksen President & CEO:

'People-to-People' reflects our strong belief in the personal touch. Before companies make new capital investments, they buy into the personality of the company they are doing business with. Indeed, you might even say that people buy people before making any significant business decisions.


Therefore, our goal at Nilpeter is to be Local – Globally. Only by getting genuinely close, with both colleagues and customers, we can be truly 'People-to-People'.

I am deeply interested in our customers' needs and ideas, and the best way of understanding these is to work together to explore both the equipment possibilities and the application requirements. By working with our partners, and learning from them, we can bring our products and services to a higher level.

Our R&D team have been very busy in the past few years, culminating in the launches of the FB-Line and the new FA-Line, as well as the servo-driven MO-3300.

Since their introduction at LabelExpo 2005, all three have sold well in markets across the globe, while new features have been introduced on a regular basis. The FB-Line has gone servo, and now offers a chill roll solution for multi-substrate performance. Meanwhile, the FA-Line has optional P2P (Point-to-Point) register, further enhancing the lean short run features. And this year we will introduce the very first designated film press in 570 mm (22”) – the brand new FA-6. We have had a strong presence in the offset sector since 1994, with more than two hundred MO-3300s currently in the market. Growth and evolution in this sector have been rapid but Nilpeter is again leading the way with the MO-4. This 4th generation of combination offset technology is the state-of-the-art press when it comes to lean short running, fast changeover and minimum waste. It's also fitted with the latest computer-aided production available, including water balance control, ink key CIP4 control and P2P automatic register – just to mention a few.

We also led the market in the digital printing of self-adhesive labels with our DL-3300. Now we are taking the next step with the introduction of CASLON, a 4-colour UV-InkJet unit. Capable of running as a standalone system for digital labels and flexible packaging on standard, non-precoated materials, CASLON can also be integrated into a label press.

Your local Nilpeter partner is ready to guide you through all our new machine concepts, and explain how you can use your existing presses in new ways. Get in touch today and let's make 'People-to-People' a reality – together.

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