MICROTHERM products are used in multiple applications, such as in electric motors, appliances and many products we all use daily. MICROTHERM products are known for their longevity and reliable function.

MICROTHERM manufactures these products with high precision. The self-imposed production standards and sophisticated product management allow customizing products with standard components.

Our products cover the entire field of temperature control:
•    Thermostat with housing (B,-F,-and T-series)
•    Thermostat without housing (A,-and D-series)
•    Thermostats with housing 1/2" (R-series)
•    Adjustable thermostats (KTR)
•    Temperature fuses (L, S3M)
•    Thermistors (NTC, PTC, Moxie)

•    High Temperature (K1-series)


Besides temperature control MICROTHERM offers also current limiters:


•    Thermostat without housing (A,-and D-series)