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We are introducing our new website

We are happy to introduce you our new website..
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About us

Our company was founded in the year 2000...
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We make using energy safer by incorporating innovative technologies with proven components into temperature regulation and protection products.

Airport rescue and fire fighting vehicles (ARFFs)

Scania P380 4x2/4500 CP31 (1+4)

Combi vechicles

Combi vehicles equipped with elevating boom and platform are manufactured in co-operation with Vema Lift Oy.
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Hazarous material vehicle (HAZMAT)

Volvo FM 340 4x2/5100 (1+1)

Introducing Nilpeter product line

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Multi-Substrate Premium Printing. The FA-Line of advanced, modular UV-flexo presses sets the standard for sophisticated, yet easy-to-control printing...


Superior Value, Performance and Durability.When maximum efficiency and low production costs are key, the FB-Line is the answer...


Exceptional Quality, Efficiency and Versatility.The FG-Line combines maximum flexibility with superior print quality to deliver lean flexo combination printing...


InkJet Print System. CASLON is a true industrial print concept, based on industrialised platforms, designed for heavy duty production. CASLON combines high quality digital printing with conventional printing and converting...

HoloPrint ®

a revolution in holographic printing. In-line! The cost-effective, integrated approach to print holograms...

History of Nilpeter

Nilpeter is the world's leading global manufacturer of narrow web printing solutions. Established as a local press manufacturer in 1919, we have grown to become an international company with a truly global reach. Nilpeter pushes the boundaries of technical excellence. Today, we offer three well-defined press lines, making it simple for you to select the best machine for your customers’ needs.
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Introducing UKI Workboat Ltd.

Uki Workboat has extensive experience in designing and building boats and vessels for professional use. Our over 180 deliveries have provided the company with knowledge of how to build vessels for demanding professional purposes...


Our technology can be summarized as follows...

Access applications

Bronto Skylift is one of the leading manufacturers of truck mounted access platforms worldwide. ..


The Allrounder® range has been designed for the needs of rural fire brigades and city sub-stations.

Company Introduction

Bronto Skylift, situated in Tampere Finland, is the global market leader in truck mounted hydraulic platforms...


Bronto Skylift has committed to continuously improve its processes and products  to reduce the environmental impact of the company’s activities.  We have had a certified environmental management system based on ISO 14001 since 1999....

Fire applications

Bronto Skylift is one of the leading suppliers of aerial appliances to fire brigades worldwide.


Bronto Skylift’s High Level Articulated Range represents the ultimate in high rise rescue and fire fighting capability...


Bronto Skylift has had a certified quality management system based on the standard ISO 9001 since 1993. The quality management system covers all our functions from product design to after sales...


The letters RLX stand for Rescue Ladder eXtra versatile which symbolizes the enhanced qualities of the range...


The RPX range is the sibling of the RLX range – it has all the same features but no ladder...


Bronto Skylift’s insulated access platforms provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective way to reach energized overhead power lines...

The market leader

Bronto Skylift is the global market leader in truck mounted hydraulic platforms.


The XDT eXtra Duty Telescopic range has all the features needed from a perfect work platform...

Mobile command post vehicle (MCPV)

Sisu E11 385 6x2/5550 (1+1)

Saurus AM

Mercedes-Benz Atego 1328 4x4/3610 (1+1)

Saurus AS

Scania G480 6x6/3800 CP16 (1+2)

Saurus FDSC 43/5

Scania P380 6x6/4100 CP31 (1+5)

Saurus - Safe choice

Saurus fire engines and rescue vehicles Customised unit on a chassis suiting to the client Supplied completely equipped Ergonomics incorporated in design Designed, manufactured and tested in Finland to withstand extreme conditions Technically reliable equipment A network of dependable suppliers close to the manufacturer A reliable maintenance and spares service


Special vechicles

Sammutin Oy

Sammutin Oy, the manufacturer of Saurus vehicles, belongs to the Kiitokori Group, which concentrates on the production of special vehicles.

Rescue vehicles

Fire engines


Saurus RS

Mercedes-Benz Actros 3341 6x6/3800+1450 (1+1)

Saurus FS 40/80

Volvo FM 84R 8x4*4/3900 (1+1)

Saurus FMC 28

Mercedes-Benz Atego 1629 4x4/3860 (1+4)

Saurus RSC 20

Scania P340 6x4/4100 CP28 (1+3)

Saurus FSC 26

Scania P380 4x2/4500 CP31 (1+4)

Saurus FS 115/3

Scania P380 6x2*4/3900 CP16 (1+1)

Saurus FL 10

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 CDI 4x2/3700 (1+2)

Saurus FSC 50

Scania P380 4x2/4300 CP28 (1+5)

Saurus RM

Mercedes-Benz Atego 1018 4x4/3300 (1+1)

Saurus RMC

Mercedes-Benz Atego 1629 4x4/4100 (1+5)


Protection, regulation and control for every requirement - since 1965

Feinmetal - About

Please take a look at our brochure.

Customer Service

Customer Service is our major focus.Competent partners are available to you, either on-site from our field-sales organisation, or from our in-house technical advice and inquiry processing team. Prime requirements here are prompt preparation of quotations (our aim is to turn round all quotations within 3 days) and fast, on-time order fulfilment. We advise you on your applications and, on request, provide complete solutions including software (partner firms for all popular test systems).

Production and quality

From a precision engineering aspect, spring contact probes are very demanding products, particularly with regard to continuous production quality and compliance with the required tolerances.


State-of-the-art, future-proof technology is Nilpeter’s hallmark...

Phone Card Solution

Nilpeter now offers a turnkey solution to phonecard manufacturing...


'People-to-People' reflects our strong belief in the personal touch. Before companies make new capital investments, they buy into the personality of the company they are doing business with. Indeed, you might even say that people buy people before making any significant business decisions...

Booklet and ECL maker

LF 330 - LF 450



Fouded in 1973, Prati Company can boast of being the third longest running company in the self-adhesive finishing sector.

Matrix scraper

 SF 330E



Modular converting and finishing line

LF 330 - LF 450 - LF 530

Overprinting machine

TSIJ 180

Producer of finishing machines for self-adhesive labels and filmic substrates since 1973

Quality Prati

Rotary die cutter

FN 330

Total security line

Total secure finishing platform


The AREA ULTRA is an economical, heavy-duty, long stroke screen printing machine that can reproduce the finest details on the widest range of flat substrates up to 20 mm thickness.


Progress T/S

Progress TS is an evolution of the cylinder machine: total cylinder stroke. This fundamental technical solution enables the sheets to be transferred directly to the registers on the cylinder, which remains stationary during the return stroke of the frame waiting for the sheet, at any printing speed.

Waste Trim Extractor

AS60/40 AS 80/50

Reel Lifter 200

Inspection machine

TE 280 - TE 330 - TE 400
TC 280 - TC 450

Prati Solutions


Fast and Flexible Precision Offset Printing.The MO-Line, which now consists of the industry benchmark MO-3300 and the sleeve-based MO-4...

Feinmetall newsletter

Please take a look at FEINMETALL's latest developments: (for higher resolution please click on the picture)
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új gépek

Latest Pick and Place machines

I-Pulse M10 ; M20


The HLA High Level Articulated range represents the ultimate in high rise access. ...

SIASPRINT 5 colour Multiformula Screenprinting Machines for Large Format

SIAS Large Format Press


All the necessary information about Feinmetall's products.


Please find all the detailed information about Microtherm's products below!


Please find some deteiled information about our machine M6ex in the article.


Please find some deteiled information about our machine M10 in the article.


Please find some deteiled information about our machine M20 in the article.

We moved!

The address of our new office is:


High Current Probes for Blade Connectors


Radio Frequency Probe for HSD-Contacts


Radio Frequency Probe

Change in MIC-datasheet "Thermal Cut-Off"

New Microtherm Thermostat

Please have a look at our latest thermostat: R25 At our catalouge, you can find all the necesary datas about our latest development!

LebelExpo 2011

Like many other exhibitors, Nilpeter did not know what to fully expect at LabelExpo Europe 2011 held recently in Brussels...

Gallus EMS

Aluminium to stabilise the printed image

RotoMetrics & Gerhardt Product Overview

RotoMetrics and Gerhardt now offer you one complete resource for all your rotary tooling needs, with the products and services you need to solve any converting challenge, no matter where you’re located. You’re also assured of the most advanced in-house production facilities, plus the most stringent quality standards in the rotary tooling industry.

Heavy Duty Die Cutter

RotoMetrics' Converting Technology Center enables demonstrations of our latest product innovations. Video


RotoMetrics & Gerhardt – Leading the Industry for More than 50 Years
2009-01-01 00:00:00

The RotoMetrics Difference

Technology to Convert Ideas into Reality!
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Új beültető gépünk került átadásra

2012. január 23-án átadásra került egy I-Pulse M20 típusú, a legkorszerűbb technológiát képviselő beültető gépünk, a budapesti székhelyű Radar-Tronic Kft-nél.
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Test Fixtures

Termékkatalógusunkban részletes információt talál a Feinmetall által gyártott adapterekről.


High Current Test Head up to 50A


High Current Test Head up to 75 A


High Current Kelvin Probes


High Current Probe up to 50A

Blocking Tester

Mérőtű funkció ellenőrzés


Standard Probe with Wobbling PlungerOrder


Short Travel High Current ProbeOrder


Threaded Probe with Position Test


Switch Probe (plug-in)


Switch Probe (threaded)


Pneumatic Micro Switch Probe


Threaded Probe with Ball Head


Test Contact for GlowPlug Adaptors


Plug Locks for Receptacles


Wireless Receptacle


Position Sensor System


Economic Push Back Probe

Business Award-ot nyert a NILPETER

Az etikett- és csomagolóanyagra nyomtató nyomdagépeket gyártó NILPETER 2012-ben megnyerte a magán kézben lévő vállalkozások éves Üzleti Díját Dániában. ( Aerets Ejerleder 2012)

LabelExpo 2013

A NILPETER bemutatja innovatív Flexo nyomdagépeit és Inline egységeit A világ legnagyobb címke- és csomagolóipari kiállításán, a brüsszeli Labelexpo Europe vásáron a dán keskenypályás nyomdagép gyártót a 7. pavilon L60 és L90 standjánál találja.

Sikeresen zárult az új magasbólmentő gyári átvétele

December 18-án került sor a tiszaújvárosi létesítményi tűzoltóság részére beszerzett új magasbólmentő gépjármű gyári átvételére.


Kérem vessen egy pillantást a Feinmetall teljesen megújult honlapjára!


All the necessary information about McDry's products.
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Magnetic Cylinders

Print Cylinders


It has been perfect! Show goes on everyday like a dream. Everyone is smiling and the sun is shining. Thank you all!
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It has been perfect! Show goes on everyday like a dream. Everyone is smiling and the sun is shining. Thank you all!
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Service / Parts

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